This Generation is Screwed - and Here's Why....

Any organized collection of human beings needs a narrative. This is the "theme song" that defines the character of the association and from that definition spins out the rules and regulations that will be used to control how we behave regarding it. A country is a culmination of many associations that covers a wide geographic area and represents very large masses of people in their behaviour towards their societies, environments and towards other countries that constitute our world. 

So what's in our narrative here in Canada? What do we "believe" and how does that affect the manner in which we will behave and cooperate? Here's a few things.

1. Global Warming - we believe that carbon dioxide is a poisonous gas that causes our globe to warm up and that this warming will one day destroy us. We also believe that warming is already occurring and that most of our climate is being enhanced by it. 

2. Fossil Fuels - we believe the elimination of fossil fuels is the answer to solving / reversing global warming. We believe that presented alternatives that are touted as "green" are capable of replacing fossil fuels with relatively little effort or life style changes required on our parts.

3. Big Government - we believe that government is good for us and will take care of us. The Covid 19 pandemic demonstrated how we will give up our personal liberty in order to be kept safe by our governments and their authorities. 

4. Life Style - we believe that we should start out at the levels of wealth attained by a lifetime of work by our parents and that we will improve our own lives beyond this starting point.

5.  We sure understand how governments should spend their money but we have absolutely no conception of how governments make their money. 

6. Disruption - We've got a problem with rule of law at the moment. If we are organized and we have a cause that will be parroted by the media we can get away with murder regarding disruption of economy and other's rights. 

7. Media - We cho0se our media and then believe the shit they feed us, implicitly.

8. First Nations - we believe the historical shit they feed us and we're sympathetic to their loss of the lands they apparently occupied since the beginning of time. We are dangerously close to giving them "nation within a nation" status and losing any claim for Canadian rule of law over their actions.