Ocean Cooling From the North - the Beaufort Gyre.


The Beaufort Gyre, a key Arctic Ocean current, is acting strangely. Scientists say it may be on the verge of discharging a huge amount of ice and cold freshwater that could kick off a period of lower temperatures in northern Europe.

Although Scientists investigating the Beaufort Gyre are careful to allude to global "climate change" (aka. "warming") as a potential cause for the recent strange behaviour of the Beaufort Gyre (they do need their funding no matter what. you understand), the facts of the matter are that the Beaufort Gyre has always acted in a cyclical pattern. This pattern involves the clockwise flow and collection of massive amounts of fresh water and ice over a period of 5 to 7 years followed by a "dumping" of the mass of collected icy cold water/ice into the Atlantic ocean due to a reversal of flow pattern to anticlockwise at the end of each of these 5 to 7 year periods. Since this water flows into the northern Atlantic, this leads to cyclic periods of warm Atlantic waters interspersed with colder Atlantic waters - extending down the seaboards of the countries that front on to it. 

A natural pattern, driven by climate change? - unlikely since it was occurring before we changed the climate. How about the Sun? - more likely as we know the sun is beset with cyclic variations that affect the Earth's atmosphere. How about the Earth's magnetic field? - possible and we know that it is presently weakening. It really doesn't matter for purposes of this article - no matter what the cause the pattern of 5 to 7 years has changed for the Beaufort gyre within the last 20 years.

It hasn't reversed course since the year 2000 (the peak of Solar activity by the way) and has been accumulating ice and fresh water without reversing direction / release for two decades. A large mass is growing, more than the "normal" amount seen in a 5 to 7 year cycle. If, or when this is released to the Atlantic it is going to be a massive "brain freeze" for the world as the shock of the large mass of cold water may change the Gulf Stream and bring on dramatic cold conditions to our continents. Maunder Minimum anyone?

What's today's status? - well, besides the stuff that's revealed in the links above there is a slow awakening to the fact that the world might be cooling, not warming. We know that Cycle 14 is done and that we entered Cycle 25 around July of this year. We know that each Sun cycle has flattened and started to drop since cycle 22. We know that Cycle 25 has been predicted to be a weak one, and that Sunspots to date have been practically zero. We know this weakened Sun has come coincident with a weakened geomagnetic global field that protects the Earth from Cosmic and solar rays and we've seen new and expanded holes in the ozone layers indicate much colder Stratospheric temperatures with and increased presence of noctilucent (ice crystal) clouds at these high levels. 

And it's snowing. Cold records are being broken around the world as we speak. Snow is appearing in all countries, including those where it does not normally appear. A read of the anti warming flagship https://electroverse.net  shows article after artical detailing this switch from so called warm to cold climates. Prejudiced, yes - but that doesn't mean they are printing the truth or giving valid scientific documentation to back up their claims. 

Kind of sucks actually. Think I'd rather go back to the good old days when I thought I was going to be frying in the heat. Hardly worth the "told you so" to the "warmists" when we freeze to death instead of fry.