Oh, The Lies We've Been Told....


In 1988 the IPCC was created. Since that time it has managed to thoroughly confuse the world through as series of Global Reports that progressively worsen as they predict the end of mankind due to our excessive consumption of petroleum products. This fear has spread and been manipulated by media, politician, special interest groups, charlatans, and hysterical 16 year olds with Twitter accounts. These days, literally EVERYTHING is blamed on Climate Change. No wonder we are panicking like Chicken Littles. Trouble is, the messages we are reacting to are simply not true. A number of them are brainstormed and listed below. 


1. The ice is melting.

2. The seas are rising.

3. Our cities are sinking.

4. Heat waves are to be common and are caused by global warming.

5. Droughts in greater numbers and severity can be expected with massive upheavals.

6. Tornadoes are more frequent and stronger.

7. Hurricanes are more frequent and stronger.

8. Forest fires are more frequent and stronger.

9. The oceans are getting warmer and destroying reefs and sea life.

10. The oceans are acidifying due to CO2 dissolution.

11. Atmospheric CO2 is rising and causing climate change through the Greenhouse Effect.

12. The Amazon is the "lungs of the Planet".

13. Brazil is burning the Amazon and will create a "tipping point" due to water and oxygen disturbance.

14. Fires are at a record high in Brazil. (imply they are virgin forest).

15. The Sun has no effect on Earth's climate.

16. Water vapour is a greenhouse gas, not a climate "cooler". Clouds are insignificant.

17. Hot air doesn't rise (apparently). It stays low and overheats the Earth.

18. We must stop burning immediately and switch everything to electricity.

19. The past three or four years have been the hottest ever measured.

20. Species are dying off at an unprecedented rate due to climate change.

21. Politicians have the answer to climate change and it is taxes.

22. 97% of scientists agree that anthropogenic CO2 driven climate change is occurring and man is to blame.

23. The science on global warming is settled and no more debate is required or to be tolerated.

24. A 16 year old Autistic / Aspergers High School dropout has a place at the UN to discuss climate change.

25. Nobody is lying, fudging or just plain manipulating the numbers. It's Science, that doesn't happen.

26. The implementation of the Green New Deal will save the world

27. Climate change crowd is trying to force companies to expose the fact that whatever they produce is damaging the environment and investors should sell their shares to drive them into bankruptcy?

28. Teachers at all levels must indoctrinate students on Climate change

29.  Climate analysis is linear and all cyclical analysis must be disregarded.

30. Great Barrier Reef is a victim of climate change, not a victim of urbanization and population growth.

31. Worldwide forest fires are burning more. They are not. 


32. The Earth is black body capable of completely radiating or absorbing  IR heat with no loss of energy.

33. Carbon dioxide is also a black body capable of completely absorbing and radiating IR with no loss of energy. 

34. 11000 scientists published a report urging immediate action on climate change. Fact check the names and discover they weren't scientists - just people who check a box on an alarmist website.  

That's it for now


Please note: these images and the discussions surrounding them are easily found on Google. I'm not even going to attempt to make a bibliography because this isn't a scientific paper, it's an opinion piece. If you doubt me go search them out. The exercise is quite revealing.