Gosh Justin! - What If You're Wrong?


World leaders are just so darn confident aren't they?  - Climate Change is upon us and burning fossil fuels is the cause of it. They've accepted this meme with all their hearts and have vowed to do everything in their power to stop climate change by eliminating the production of C02 through human activities that involve burning stuff. 

I mean, just look around you. Sweltering heat waves in Canada, Roiling floods in Germany, Forest fires in boreal forests of North America, Diminishing salmon stocks in the Pacific Ocean, Wild winters and extreme lows especially in Texas, Drought in the midwest and California, Tornadoes and Hurricanes more destructive than ever, Melting Arctic Ice, Cleaving Ice Shelves in Antarctica, Glacier shrinkage everywhere, Volcanic action worldwide, and on and on.

In short, pretty much every weather event is being tagged as more extreme, more destructive, and more ominous as it is doomed to repeat itself in the future due to the effects of man made climate change - which either causes the anomaly outright or accentuates the effects of normal nature driven patterns.

Backed by Science? - Because politicians control the "purse strings" they have created a self perpetuating  story line - backed by a massive "pseudo science" that they have created through the selective distribution of research funds and the editing of the results that this hierarchy create.  Why do you think 97% of scientists agree that global warming is caused by man? Sample the ones you're supporting with research funds and what do you expect? Think they are going to cut their throats and fat salaries for the sake of scientific honesty and open debate? Yeah, right!

Now the thing to understand as I write this in July of 2021 is that the debate really is over as the alarmists contend. Pro global warming supporters have won the debate, using a massive media campaign, political support in all countries, a long term educational program that created a generation of true believers and massive bullying and shaming of anyone who dares to speak of any alternatives.  But remember, just because they have "won" it doesn't mean they are "right". True science is increasingly indicating the opposite to the meme - it's not carbon dioxide, it's the Sun.

So, what if Justin is wrong? More specifically:

1. What if carbon dioxide has no effect on global temperatures at all. 

2. What if the Earth is not warming after all. What if any warming was an anomaly.

3. What if the Earth is actually cooling. ie. climate change is real, but backwards.

4. What if we can't control the source of climate change, because it is the Sun.

5. What if destroying the oil and gas industry is meaningless.

6. What if green energy doesn't work out in the long run.

What state will Canada be in by 2030 or worse 2050 if we diminish our ability to produce energy from fossil fuels? Will batteries, solar, wind, hydroelectric be enough to replace oil as an energy source? What happens if the reservoirs freeze, the clouds cover the Sun, and the bearings seize, winters get worse and summers get shorter and colder? What then Justin?