Burn, Baby, Burn! - Fossil Fuels Here to Stay

The Covid based shutdown of World economy during the spring of 2020 has prompted one of Canada's most erstwhile politicians, Elizabeth May, to proclaim that the fossil fuel industry is dead and that we need to prepare for a new era in which we rely on green based energy systems to deliver all of our nation's energy needs. 

She's a bit of an optimist, I think - kind of like the Accordion player with a pager. Look at the chart above showing energy consumption amounts and profiles for the many sources of energy including the much touted green energy generation technologies. Hard to see how they are going to push out fossil fuels, isn't it? 

May is a dangerous politician, in that she supports whatever it takes to shut down the fossil fuel industry and she doesn't care how many people are hurt in the process. She messiahnetically (?) deems that any cost is worth the triumph of accomplishing this. (She also naively expects that her pension will continue unaffected once it's gone.). We could laugh at this but it seriously is NOT a laughing matter.