2020 - The End of My Innocence

Here I am. I'm 75 years old. As I write we are in the throes of a Covid crisis that has shut our economy down; global warming alarmists are starting their shrill cries again; the natives are holding government and business hostage on every project conceived in Canada; I'm being villanized because apparently my skin color came with a tendency to exert racist behaviour;  and "rule of law" seems to have been discarded in favor of personal expression. Here's some of the reasons why I'm giving up:

I read this book and realized that the two tier Canada I grew up in has gone forever. The British Law dominated judicial system and "rule of law" has been supplanted by a system that is ridden with guilt for apparently "stealing the land from the Indians" and then "robbing them blind after we made unfair treaties with them" back in the 1700's and 1800's. The major change in direction in dealing with Indians has come in 2006 when the Supreme Court in the decision on an action called "Haida Gwai" determined that future consultation with first nations will betaken to such an extreme that 1.) the word "nation" is now acceptable when referring to any and all Indian bands and 2.) a third level of government now exists due to a requirement to consult with first nations on pretty much any activity in pretty much all of the land and also in pretty much any kind of legislation the government is considering on pretty much any subject. Canada has been sold out and the new landlords are making their presence known as we speak.

I read this book by a reformed multi-national Environmentalist whereby he recants the claims he and other groups have been making for decades and spells out just how crooked and dirty the whole business of environmentalism has become. On the one hand it supported my work showing that global warming was a farce but on the other it is depressing because of the strength of the global warming faction and the massive industry that has grown up worldwide that supports and profits from this massive lie. It's sad to think that people can be so crooked and disgusting. But they are

I read this book that, in detail, discounted all the claims made by the alarmist community and showed that the world is doing pretty well all things considered. Felt good because it confirmed my suspicions but not good because it makes you realize how much we've been lied to and cheated by alarmists, greenpeace, sierra club, etc. etc. and in particular our own politicians and governments which push forward on a warming agenda when they must know damn well that this is not happening.